Chief Engineer Andrzej Stewart plays his guitar in the common area.

Chief Engineer Andrzej Stewart plays his guitar in the common area.

It’s a duet. Wait – no – it’s a TRIO.

At this very minute on sMars, a ukulele and a harmonica are strumming and humming the strains of, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.” Meanwhile, another voice from the lower level of the dome is calling flight commands on an approach-to-land checklist. It sounds something like this:

“As the river flows, gently to the sea…”

“Gear down, three green… “

“Darling so it goes…” humm, strum, humm…

“Flaps full. Clear to land.” fizzle, crackle, squawk.

“Some thing are meant to beeeeee.”

It’s an “only on sMars” moment. You’re welcome.

London city approach

“Take my whole life, too…”

9 thoughts on “Duet

  1. Judging by the photo at the bottom, the colony on sMars has grown impressively of late…..
    Seriously, it’s been seven months now; have you started working out how to re-acclimatize yourselves to the seething mass of humanity that’s waiting for you to return? I’ve read ‘The Martian’ (and watched the DVD) several times, and each time I’ve wondered how he’d cope with a few billion people around him, after being on his own for so long (never mind several million reporters jamming cameras, microphones and inane questions in his face everywhere he went.) You probably won’t have the reporter problem for long, but you may be surprised by the closeness of the rest of the world after your limited population on sMars when you return.

    1. That’s a great question, Brian. If you’ve ever read “A Walk In the Woods” by Bill Byson or anything similar, you know that re-acclimatizing yourself to the world is rough, even after only a week or two. Fortunately, the crew has a lot of practice. We’re all veterans of space simulations and/or world travellers who change locals frequently, and are quite adept at rapid adaptation. That being said, we’re all still expecting a shock, in the I-just-jumped-into-a-really-large-really-cold body-of-water-oh-boy-that’s-cold sense. One of my crewmates is going to let his partner do the driving for a while until he gets used to cars again. Another plans to head for the woods immediately. My major concern is keeping up my medical skills. Mars doesn’t have many sick people. Earth, on the other hand…
      …Thank you for your good question. The best short answers is, “We’re mentally prepared to be totally blown away, in all possibly ways.”

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