The Spleen in Spaceflight, Investigations of the Potential Impact on Heath & Physiology in Microgravity (April 2022)

This work is the result of research done at NASA’s Johnson Space Center during an October 2021 Aerospace medicine clerkship. Many thanks to Katherine McMann at NASA JAC. Mentorship and original idea was provided by Dr. Richard Cole from Boeing. Clinical guidance, content refinement, and NASA export control was provided by Dr. Kathleen McMonigal. Co-Authors Sam Ko, MD from Harvard and David Lerner, MD from U Dub provided content, images, formatting, and radiological guidance. Many members of the medical community assisted us and gave permission to use their content including Pontus Holmström & Erika Schagatay, Philippe Sucosky, and Ming Dao (MIT).

Video Walk-Through of this E-poster is Also Available on YouTube

Keywords: space medicine, aerospace medicine, spaceflight anemia, hematology, circulation