COVID-19 Resources

Want to make a mask or a face shield? Need to learn about the latest the CDC regulations? We’ve got you covered!

The CDC is posting (mostly) weekly COVID-19 updates here. They are providing how-to travel toolkits for those who must get on airplanes and are driving across country. They’ve created decision tools to help schools and child-are programs reopen. Need to clean or disinfect something? Follow this link!

Heroic efforts have been and are being made to make masks available to all who need and want them. There are patterns on this website. For your sake, your safety, and the lives and health of others, please wear a mask, and wear it correctly,

What else would you like to know? Where are we with a cure/vaccine, right? Good news! the National Institute of Health (NIH) as a page listing every currently ongoing vaccine trial. You can find out if a trial if one is running in your area. If you would like them to keep you updated with the latest news, you can subscribe to their mailing list here.

Is there something else that I should put here? Something that you would like me to add? Drop me a line.

Stay safe – be a hero – wash your hands – wear a mask in public. Thank you for being a part of this global mission to save our species!

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