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Pandemics Are An Alien Experience

Time Magazine – Thank you Jeff Kluger!

Smithsonian Magazine

Space Talks!

TEDx Vienna: Time to Transform Worlds (We Are Currently Terraforming the Wrong Planet!) 2019

Story Collider!  June 28th, 2018

Space Fest 2017: along with Astronauts Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger & John Creighton and simulated astronaut Mark Kerr talking about why and how we practice for life in space.

At The Atlantic’s Launchpad: Deep Space event with Astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria and Space Doc Kris Lehnhardt. May 2017.

TedXGatewayArch: SPACE NEEDS YOU! October 27, 2017

Johnson Space Center, 2017 (advance to minute 14 of the video)

At the Spaceport LA’s 2017 Women in space event

MIT’s Beyond the Cradle

Live from Mars, for real, beaming into the 2016 Big Island Medical Conference

On NPR’s Science Friday

In the press

Mich Mash, The Podcast. What is your favorite planet, and why?


Be Sweet

Glamour Magazine

Johnson Space Center

Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC)

  • Live on the Red Planet? Scientists simulate Mars mission on Earth. Guests: Sheyna Gifford, Jeremy Hansen, Chris Impey, Hal Niedzviecki


The Narragansett Times

National Geographic

StarTalk (also on NatGeo)

The British Journal of Medicine

Scienc(ish), Radio Wolfgang

Science Friday (also here)

Sweet Magazine

SyFy Channel

Tumble Podcast

UC Berkeley

The University of Southern California

The University of Rhode Island

VICE, and a follow up

New Scientist

Eight Episodes of History Now on the History Channel


Rhode Island School of Design




I’ve had the honor of giving lectures and seminars at many conferences, meetings, and institutions, including:

  • Neonatal simulation conference. National Health Service, Southampton UK. September 2017.
  • Apollo Days. Seattle Museum of Flight. May 2017.
  • International Space Development Conference. May 2017.
  • Spaceport LA . Guest speaker and panel moderator. March 2017.
  • MIT- Beyond the Cradle. Panel moderator and workshop leader. March 2017.
  • NASA Johnson Space Center. Invited Technical Speaker. February 2017. **Talk begins ~15 minutes into the recording.
  • Virginia Tech. Guest Speaker and Workshop Leader (on science communication). December 2016.
  • SpaceFest at the Seattle Science Center. November 2016.
  • Diamond Labs. Guest Speaker. November 2016.
  • Kona Science Cafe, September 2016
  • Big Island Medical Conference, January 2016
  • FameLab, 2014 (semi-finals)

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